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Windows Modifications

Windows 7 Properties XP 1.3

This will Bring Windows 7 (Beta 71xx) alike system Property Dialog in XP. This will replace some system File so Restart you PC after uninstall/ install. I also recommend you to make backup of sysdm.cpl from system32 folder before installing.
If you have installed previous vesion then uninstall it and run this. You can use "win7-puninstaler.exe" to uninstall. It works with this as well as old version.

If you have installed Windows 7 Replacement Beta 2 then first run "win7-puninstaler.exe" then run "win7_prop-installerv1.3.exe" .

This is a part of Windows 7 Replacement.
All rights are posessed by pri2sh.
For Windows 7 Replacement as well as for this.
You may not use it as addon on other software, sell or modify
it without permission of author.
You may Distribute it Freely without any modification by including this
read me file.

You use this software at your own Risk. I will not be liable
for any damage occured by using this.

WFP Disable is not working in automode so I request you to run wfpdisable.exe before installing or uninstalling.

-==< Changes in v1.3 >==-
> Chaged Sidebar Image
> Minor Change in some GUI



WMP12 Replacement For XP

WMP12 Replacement will modify existing WMP11 UI to like of WMP12 of Windows 7.
This supports only WMP 11 XP ( all v11 & Language, but only x86/32bit OS ) .
The main idea of wmp12 was of fediafedia . Some images are used from his work. You can distribute it freely but cannot distribute modifying it. I am not liable for any damage caused by using this.While distribution include this read me file
Run "wmp12-replacement-XPwmp11.exe" to install & "uninstaller.exe" to uninstall.
every thing is automatic you don't have to do anything manually.

In this version of wmp12 mod glass look / Aero Look has been decreased and useless
image in .res file has also been removed.
You can also check Windows 7 Replacement Beta2 for Windows 7 Transformation



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